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IPHONE 3CCTV Installation LiverpoolThe DTV-IRI/VF is our high resolution Day & Night IR dome camera with 3.5-8mm varifocal lens. The camera is mounted in a robust aluminium housing with 3 axis gimbal allowing the camera to be moved in any direction and allowing the dome to be wall or ceiling mounted. The camera is fitted with 36 IR LEDs that allow the camera to be used in total darkness up to a range of 20 metres and dual glass technology that completely eliminates IR LED reflection in to the lens at night. The camera is IP65 rated and can be fitted externally.



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CCTV technology has changed greatly over the years since its inception

in the 1940s, electronics have become more advanced and more

compact each year and cameras are now commonplace in most

streets and businesses.

The early “noughties” saw cameras being produced with colour

electronics and a move from tape recording systemsto digital video

recorders saving footage on hard drives.


Since that time, picture resolutions and recording quality have all

improved but there has been little in terms of major changes in th~

industry until the last couple of years.

HO-SOI and IP CCTV are the new kids on the block so

what does it mean

The “analogue” technology has been the CCTV staple for many years now and still is a perfectly adequate

technology for many installations where general surveillance is required. However Analogue lacks the stunning

high definition picture quality of HD-SDI and some IPCCTV systems.As many end-users are used to home HD TV

at home, HD-SDI is now being adopted by many installers to live up to end user expectations.

Relitively Low Cost

Massive Choice of Styles

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The latest 100% digital technology that gives superb picture quality and is an easy upgrade path for an analogue

CeTV system as it usesthe same co-ax cable and many of the same accessories. HD-SDI pictures can be up to

20x better than an analogue image so it is ideal for identification of criminals and similar applications that require

an excellent picture quality. Gives end users a eeTV systemthat’s of similar quality to the HD home TV they are

used to. Because the installer can use their own co-ax it’s far easier to insist the customer does not interfere

with the CCTV system unlike IPCCTV which may use the customer’s own LAN. You can find out more about this

here are some advantages it has…


Low Cost

Massive Choice of Styles

Compatibility with most existing installs

Easy to fit (Co-Ax)


More expensive than analogue