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Alarm Repairs we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all ADE Honeywell burglar alarms and our commitment to a quality service, this is how we are able to repair and maintain almost all makes and models of UK burglar alarms. One of the types we have particular expertise in is ADE alarms, we can maintain or repair any model of ADE intruder alarm that there is. If you have an ADE alarm which is need of a call-out for repair or servicing, why not get in contact with us and let us do what we do best.

Our ADE burglar alarm repairs service includes the following models:

  • ADE simple set reader
  • ADE Optima
  • ADE Optima XM
  • ADE XM6
  • ADE Optima XL6
  • ADE Optima XL4
  • ADE Optima Compact
  • ADE Accenta G3
  • ADE Accenta G4
  • ADE Ultimate
  • ADE Charisma
  • Galaxy

If your ADE alarm model is not on the list above, just let us know and we can come and fix it.

Call out available 0800 to Midnight , why not let A1 SAS Alarm Repairs look after you by helping to make your home secure again.

If you would like to find out more information regarding any ADE alarms listed or for your ADE intruder alarm repairs please contact us , we would love to hear from you and will endeavour to reply to your enquiries within minutes.

A1 SAS ADE maintenance service operate throughout Merseyside Wirral and West Cheshire region

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